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Discipline Policy
At Pleasant Run Learning Center and Preschool, our goal is to prevent as many discipline problems as possible.  There are many ways to keep children’s interests high and frustration level low, which create positive behaviors.

The following are some examples of how to do that: 

    1. Arranging the room to allow for accessibility of materials and teachers, providing a balance of quiet and active pursuits and including some individual and some group activities.
    1. Providing materials of sufficient amount, variety, challenge, and familiarity to meet children’s needs.
    1. Allowing choice in activity, flexibility in some routines, and having a few simple rules.
    1. Predicting areas of difficulty and planning techniques to be utilized in event problems arise.
Playing, learning, friendships, and respect for others are all behaviors given positive attention while inappropriate behavior is redirected or dealt with accordance with the incident. 

Physical punishment is NEVER used at our center.  However, when it does become necessary to manage or control the child’s behavior, and he/she is over 24 months old, time out shall be used.  The child will sit for a short time (1-2 minutes) until he/she is able to talk about what happened.  The teacher shall then discuss why the child needed to sit and how next time the child might handle the situation differently. 

If a child continues to be unmanageable, the parents may be asked to remove the child from the center temporarily or permanently. 

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