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Welcome to the Two Year Old Room

Welcome to the two year old room! We are so excited to have your child in our room this year! We know that it will be a great experience for your child.

The following are some differenced for the two  year old room versus the toddler room. At first. some of the changes might seem difficult for the children; however, we know that your child will eventually love their new room!

  • The children will be using regular cups instead of sippy cups. There are no sippy cups in the two year old room.

  • Absolutely NO bottles are in the two year old room.

  • We would like to decrease the amount of pacifier use. At first, we would like to use them only during naptime, and then eventually not have any pacifiers at all during school.

  • POTTY TRAINING!  Yeah! We want your child to be successful at using the potty!

The following is a list of other goals that we have for your child in the two year old room:

  • Encouraging Centers

  • More structured and organized activities throughout the day

  • Encouraging using good manners (please and thank you)

  • Turn-Taking

  • Sharing

  • Washing hands by themselves

  • Getting and putting away their own chairs

  • Using nor paints and other sensory materials

  • Letter Recognition

  • Number Recognition

  • Using words when frustrated or upset instead of biting or hitting

  • Putting on their own shoes and socks

  • Putting on their own coats

We will work hard throughout the year to ensure that  your shild will have a successful year. We wany you r chold to have a fun, safe, secure, and educational year at Pleasant Run North!

Thank you 

For more information contact Jessica  Or Courtney

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