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Welcome to the Three Year Old Room

Welcome to the Three year old room!  We know that it will be a great experience for your child.

The following are some goals for your child that we will be working on this year. Naturally, some of the children will reach the following goals with ease, and others will work on them all year. They are only goals. It is fine if your child does not reach any or all of them. We just want you to understand the concepts that we will be working on this year.

Lastly, although we would ideally like all children to be potty trained by the time they enter the three year old room, we understand that it is not possible for every child, However, we deeply appreciate the parent's involvement in trying to help your child become potty trained as soon as  possible.


  • Color Recognition

  • Shape Recognition

  • Number Concepts

  • Letter Recognition

  • Writing Concepts

  • Write First Name

Circle Time:

  • Weather

  • Calendar (Days of the week/months of the year)

  • Reading and Sharing Stories

  • Job Chart

  • Letter of the Week

Math Readiness:

  • Number Concepts

  • Sequencing

  • Sorting

  • Counting

  • Shapes

Behavior Goals/Self-Help Skills:

  • Using Good Manners

  • Table Manners

  • Making Good Choices

  • Turn-Taking

  • Putting on shoes

  • Washing hands

  • Cleaning up after snack and after activities

  • Putting coats on by themselves

  • Putting on their own pants

We will work hard throughout the year to ensure that your child will have a successful year. We want  your child to have a fun, safe, secure, and educational at Pleasant Run North!

Thank you

For more information contact Jessica Or Courtney 

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